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We design and manufacture remote GSM controls since 1997.

We took care of simplicity, always listening to customers regarding their actual needs.

Our products have always received real interest also because of competitive prices.

From the success of the models aimed to the second house in mountains the "TL4" was born . It has found the interest of professionals in the field of heating management.

  • For you professionals a complex solution has resulted inconvenient both for the past bad experiences and the elevate costs.
  • The actual needs claimed are more oriented to remote surveillance of essentials and low costs.
  • In particular the possibility of remote reading of the pipe temperature and the presence of eventual malfunctions like loss of energy or burners block have been appreciated.

We added the possibility of an analogue input rated 0 to 10V very useful for some types of burners.
The main purpose is to reach the plant only if necessary and to avoid out of service or damages like frozen pipes.

The set is feasible for DIN rail mountinf, it is to be powered at 12V 300mA and is already equipped with a Pt100 amplifier, a couple of logical inputs and three output, one of which completed with on board relay.

It make use of a SLA 6V battery and is capable of ambient temperature measurements.

The charge of the battery is temperature compensated and periodically tested like in all our remote controls.

PC programs are available for centralized management.

Lastly, all our controls have been cured for reliability. You shall never have to go to restart them. Whenever necessary the well proven structure is capable of exiting any critical situation.
To see the manual click here

Technical data  
  Dimensions mm 120x80x50 bar DIN mount
  Working temperature - 10 °C ÷ +60°C
  Power 12V DC (10-18V) 300mA max
  Idle state consumption 1 W approx
  While battery charging 5 W
  During connection 4 W
  GSM EGSM 900/1800MHz
  Antenna external MMCX connector
  Temperature probe Pt100 cl. A (0.15°Cmax err. at 0°C)
  Out relay rating 250 V a.c. / 3A
  Battery SLA 6V – 1,2 Ah
  Temperature range. Pt100 - 20°C ÷ +100°C (± 0,4C max error)
  Internal sensor range - 10°C ÷ +70°C (1,1°C max error)
  NO delay 1 minute
  NC delay 5 seconds
  Input range 0.1-10V resolution 10mV (precision. 0.2% of full scale)
  Output relay drivers two (100mA max 12V)

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