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...The simplicity of a cell to remotely control thermostats and industrial plants as well...
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The C3 model makes your house already warmed, saving money.

Set the temperature with your mobile phone to arrive in an already warmed house
At any moment, even when you are on the way, send an SMS with your mobile phone. No more long indoor waiting wearing coats.

Prevent frozen house
Whatever the cause, if the temperature drops to dangerous levels you will be alerted and will be able to intervene and avoid unpleasent surprises.

Everything under control on your mobile
At any time you can receive an SMS from the device, with informations on measured temperatures, the regular presence of electric power and the battery efficiency.

It is not a simple all purpose remote control, We have manufactured a complete system aimed to the heating of a second house exposed to the risk of freezing temperaures.

Main electric power
Loss of power can be caused by a tripped differential switch or can depend on a general black-out. In any case, the heating system will be turned off and if, the external temperature is far below zero, the risk of freezing is very high.

The battery
Our remote controls are equipped with a battery which is an essential part of
the system. The charge is continuously kept at its maximum in order to guarantee proper functioning in case of power loss. Unfortunately all the batteries have a life; you need to make sure the residual capacity is sufficient to manage risks.
Our devices perform periodic tests and evaluate the residual capacity. In order to maximize life and battery reliability our devices also calibrate the charge according to the measured temperature.
Test results are included in every SMS to allow you to know if the battery is not reliable any more.
This "finesse" is a feature not included in many devices devoted with the "security" field.
We had to implement this feature for extreme environments like traffic light remote controls in Saudi Arabia.

In spite of severe tests and precautions we are aware that external and
internal factors can cause service interruption; all of us have experimented the situation: " try to switch it off and on again". This could even be tolerable for a device you hold in hand but it is inconceivable in our case. We could have generated a problem instead a solution.
Our devices are equipped with a self check (watch dog) feature both in hardware and software. In other words, part of the device continuously controls the overall working. If something goes wrong the machine resets itself eventually with a complete off sequence and on again. This could cause one minute of out of service but not the necessity of human intervention.

GSM network
The territorial coverage is not always complete, especially in the mountains; you need to verify the field strength. Sometimes there have been situations where an initialization of the terminal is required. Our device continuosly verifies the actual state of connection and eventually performs the necessary actions.
All of this has been widely tested in industrial and professional applications.

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