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The model “C 3” if installed on a heater allows you to read on your mobile phone the most important information like:
  • The eventual burner block.
  • Pipe temperature.
  • The presence of electric power.

The main purpose is to warm up your house before you arrive and to keep the heating under control on your mobile phone.
In case of danger or malfunction Tele-log “C3” will alert you automatically with an SMS and you shall be able to intervene promptly.
The two inputs can be connected to the burner block signal or even to a burglar alarm

The equipment is "light", inexpensive and reliable. It is a product of
years of experience in industrial applications.

The model "C3" can send SMS to fax numbers or e-mail addresses to document and keep trace of faults and interventions. No control rooms or computers are necessary, no dedicated PSTN lines, modems and so on. All is done with a simple mobile phone.

The reliability of our remote controls is demonstrated by the growing number of installation done and customer satisfation to date.

The "C3" model is equipped with a battery that is an integral part of the system. It assures proper functioning in case of electric failure.
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